SHECONOMY, Netzwerken in Zeiten von „Physical Distancing”

Text von Anna Trost Netzwerkbetreuung & Redaktion | Link
Since viruses affect not only computers, we are now staying at home for over three weeks. Some restrictions suggest loosening up, nonetheless we still need to keep a balance between our inside and outside world, in order not to lose our minds. However, we still want to network. Therefore, the question arises: How can we continue to nurture our network, despite “physical distancing”?

»Lokal ist global« – Nadina Gradascevic (Women in Leadership)

Women in Leadership founder, Nadina Gradascevic, also knowingly emphasizes her focus on networking in times of crises. “Supporting and encouraging other people must be at the forefront of our efforts.” Platforms like Skype, Viber, Zoom, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Teams, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others, help her with this. “We need a lot of leadership-power and inner stability and our environment can play an important role here. I have also witnessed how important it is in life, to have a supportive, encouraging and trustworthy community”. She advices us to concentrate on the empowerment, improvement and development. The business consultant even deems the efficient learning of the new online tools as essential, in order to be able to continue using them as basic working tools in the future.

She wishes our readers a lot of health, self-reflection, and a positive attitude towards life, trust, motivation to strengthen our own talents and to support other people. Likewise though, to have time to experience something new every day, to stay in touch with the members of our network and to strengthen the local economy, while at the same time not forgetting about thinking globally.

We wish you good health and don’t forget: network, network, network!